The Nag Hammadi Library

Codex I ("Jung Codex")

1 Prayer of the Apostle Paul (fly-leaf, two pages)
2 Apocryphal letter of James (p.1-16)
3 "Gospel of Truth" (p.16-43)
4 "Treatise (Logos) on the Resurrection" (p.43-50)
5 "Tripartite Tractate" (p.5l-l40)

Codex II

1 "Secret Book (Apocryphon) of John" (p.1-32), longer version
2 "Gospel of Thomas" (p.32-51)
3 "Gospel of Philip" (p.51-86)
4 "Nature (Hypostasis) of the Archons" (p.86-97)
5 "On the Origin of the World" (p.97-l27)
6 "Exegesis on the Soul" (p.127-137)
7 "Book of Thomas" (p.138-145)

Codex III

1 "Secret Book of John" (p. 1- 40) shorter version
2 "Gospel of the Egyptians" (p.40-69)
3 A letter of "the blessed Eugnostus" (p.70-90)
4 The "Wisdom (Sophia) of Jesus Christ" (p.90-119)
5 The "Dialogue of the Redeemer" (p.120-149)

Codex IV (very poorly preserved)

1 A longer version of the "Secret Book (apocryphon) of John" (p. 1- 49)
2 A second version of the "Gospel of the Egyptians" (p.50-81)

Codex V

1 Letter of the "blessed Eugnostus" (p.I-17) (cf. NHC III,3)
2 "Apocalypse of Paul" (p.17-24)
3 The (first) "Revelation (Apocalypse) of James" (p.24-44)
4 The (second) "Revelation (Apocalypse) of James" (p.44-63)
5 The "Revelation (Apocalypse) of Adam" (p.63-85)

Codex VI

1 The "Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles" (p.I-12)
2 "Thunder: the perfect Mind" (p. 13-21)
3 "The original (authentic) Doctrine" (p.22-35)
4 "The Thought (noema) of our great Power" (p.36-48)
5 An anonymous treatise on unrighteousness (p.48-51)
6 A hitherto unknown Hermetic dialogue (p.52-63)
7 A previously known Hermetic prayer (p.52-63)
8 A further Hermetic text (p.65- 78)

Codex VII

1 "The Paraphrase of Shem" (p.I-49)
2 "The second Logos of the Great Seth" (p.49- 70)
3 The "Revelation (apocalypse) of Peter" (p.70-84)
4 The "Teachings of Silvanus" (p.84-118)
5 "The Three Pillars (Stelae) of Seth" (p.118-127)

Codex VIII (not very well preserved)

"Zostrianos", with the further Greek title "The Teaching of the Truth of Zostrianos, God of Truth; the Teaching of Zoroaster" (p. 1- 132)
2 The "Letter of Peter to Philip" (p.132-140)

Codex IX

1 "Melchizedek" (p.1-27)
2 "Ode about Norea" (p.27-29)
3 "The Testimony of Truth" (p.29-74)

Codex X

1 "Marsanes" (p.I-68)

Codex XI

1 "The Interpretation of Knowledge (gnosis)" (p.1-21)
2 An anonymous document (p.22-44)
3 "The Alien (Allogenes)" (p.45-69)
4 "The High-minded (Hypsiphrone)" (p.69-72)

Codex XII

1 The "Sentences of Sextus" (p.15-16, 27-34)
2 Part of a version of the "Gospel of Truth" (cf. NHC 1,3)

Codex XIII

1 "The Trimorphic Protennoia" (p.35-50)
The beginning (ten lines) of the anonymous document in Codex II ("On the Origin of the World")