Eleven of the texts from the Nag Hammadi Library have been identified as Sethian compositions by Hans-Martin Schenke:[1]

Apocryphon of John (NHC II,1; III,1; IV,1)
Hypostasis of the Archons (II,4)
Gospel of the Egyptians (III,2; IV,2)
Apocalypse of Adam (V,S)
Three Steles of Seth (VII,S)
Zostrianos (VIII, 1)
Melchizedek (IX, 1)
Thought of Norea (IX,2)
Marsanes (X)
Allogenes (XI,3)
Trimorphic Protennoia (XIII, 1)


1. Schenke, Hans-Martin, "The Phenomenon and Significance of Gnostic Sethianism" in The Rediscovery of Gnosticism; Proceedings of the International Conference on Gnosticism at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut March 28-31, 1978. Supplement to Numen 41. Studies in the History of Religions 41. vol. 2: Sethian Gnosticism, (ed. Bentley Layton; Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1981), 588.